Full System Off-Road

Mivv silencers: the exhausts for every motorbike

Mivv silencers have been designed for a recreational use of the motorbike. We offer many designs, all of which can replace the original exhausts with a few simple and quick assembly steps. Mivv silencers provide a power increase, a weight reduction and the unmistakable Mivv sound. Silencers are offered with a choice of steel, carbon or titanium body, and where applicable with carbon end caps. A perfect mix for changing the look of your bike and drive away with passion.

Our off-road exhausts have been designed for use on both cross and Enduro motorbikes. In designing them, we have thought about professional racers, but also off-road enthusiasts.

Each single product is tested not only on our test benches, but also by the teams engaged in the various competitions.

Mivv pays particular attention to engine performance, to ensure the best overall results. Thanks to the precisions of the couplings, the product is extremely easy to fit.

There are two available versions:

Complete Full Titanium exhaust

Both the tubes and the silencer are made of titanium to give maximum benefits in terms of lightness and performance.

Complete Stainless Steel exhaust

Similar to the titanium version, but made of stainless steel.


These are the advantages of our off-road exhausts:

  • use of the best materials available
  • excellent power and torque, particularly at the low revs for cross models
  • excellent power delivery and smoothness for the Enduro versions
  • noise levels approved according to FIM standards in use in competitions
  • excellent weight reduction when compared with the original exhausts

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