Mivv, winning DNA

For a company leader in the production of exhaust systems, it is paramount to possess racing genes which store in themselves the experiences made in all the racing circuits of the world. This is the only way in order to be able to guarantee top performance levels also for products intended for road users.

For over 40 years, here at Mivv we have been writing the soundtrack of the most successful motorbikes.
 And from the start of this venture, one of the cornerstones of our philosophy has always been our involvement with the racing world.

For a company wanting to reach excellence levels in a field like ours, a commitment in the racing world is a must. 
It is a fact that only by testing and developing products in the most demanding conditions that it is possible to acquire the skills and experience necessary for coming up with products that can offer the best for every day’s driving conditions.

The results were not long to reward this vision. The most prestigious was undoubtedly the MotoGP title won in 2006 with Hayden. But what we are most proud of is the appreciation and approval of thousands of motorcyclists, who every year choose Mivv exhausts to improve the performance of their motorbikes.


Mivv in MotoGP

The jewel in the crown of our presence in the highest motorcycling category was certainly the collaboration with the Repsol Honda Team, with whom we were in partnership from 2006 to 2010. During these years, in terms of racer standings the team won the championship with Nicky Hayden, as well as obtaining two second and two third places thanks to the outstanding Dani Pedrosa. The period of our collaboration also saw the rotation between Hayden and Dovizioso, and the replacement, between 2006 and 2007, of the old RC211V with the new RC212V.



There are no changes in the team for the 2010 season. Of notice during this season is the debut of the Moto2 class, replacing the 250 class. The world championship is hit by the death of Shoya Tomizawa, run over by De Angelis and Redding during an accident in the Misano racing track.
Going back to the Repsol Honda Team, both official racers end up in the Top 5: Pedrosa obtains 2nd place thanks to 4 victories and 5 second places. Dovizioso reaches 5th place: no victory, but almost always finishing in the top positions. Just as for the previous year, the 2nd place in the Manufacturer standings is a well-deserved achievement for the Team.
Also Mivv obtains some very proud results during this season. Speed Edge, with its “intelligent” design and its ability to get as close as possible to the frame of the bike, is the new introduction of the company into the road after-market sector.



This is the Championship that marks the replacement of the American Hayden with the Italian Andrea Dovizioso, while Pedrosa keeps his place in the Team. This edition of the MotoGP should have included 18 races, with the addition of the Hungarian GP, postponed for two consecutive years and then replaced by the Aragon GP.
The final results also give recognition to the HRC/Repsol Honda Team, with proud 2nd places in the Manufacturer and Team standings, while the two racers have to do with a 3rd place for Pedrosa, who achieve 2 victories and another 9 podium positions. Dovizioso ends the season with one victory and some good placings, obtaining 6th place in the general standings.
The collaboration between Mivv and the Repsol Honda Team is as intense as in the previous seasons.




For the third consecutive year, on the saddle of the official Honda bikes are Pedrosa and Hayden. There are some staff changes: the two heads of the mechanical team are Mike Leitner and Pete Benson, while Kazuhiko Yamano becomes the team manager. Of notice, Pedrosa’s tyre change during the season; the switch to Bridgestone brings to the erection of a wall between Dani and Nicky, to avoid spying tyre details. A similar solution had already been implemented at the start of the season between Rossi and his team mate/rival Lorenzo.
The Repsol Honda Team completes the championship with 3rd places both in the racer standings (with Dani Pedrosa winning 2 races and 9 other podium positions) and in the Manufacturer standings. In the Team standings, the team obtains 2nd place. Not an outstanding performance from Nicky Hayden, who only reaches the podium twice, with a 2nd and a 3rd place.
Mivv shows total commitment also during this season, always ready to meet the needs of the team.




The same two racers are also confirmed for the 2007 season. From this year, the team starts using the new 800cc RC212V Honda to ensure compliance with the FIM rules, which lowered the cylinder capacity from 990 to 800 cc. At the beginning, the bike fails to have the hoped success, but luckily, thanks to the developments, performance levels improve through the competition.
Pedrosa obtains two victories and 6 more podium positions, ending the season in 2nd place behind Casey Stoner. With his 4 third places Hayden finishes 8th in the racer standings. Honda and the Repsol team reach 2nd places in the Manufacturer and Team standings.
Mivv works closely with the Repsol Honda Team, in line with the previous year. The Suono exhaust is developed for the road after-market, following intense and innovative design activities.



An excellent start: the title of the 2006 Championship is conquered by Nicky Hayden. His team mate is Dani Pedrosa, already class 250 world champion.
Nicky is at the top of the championship leader board for most of the season. The stop arrives during the Portugal GP, following an accident that involves both him and his team mate: Rossi takes back the first position in the Championship. All revolves around the last race, with the spectacular fall of Rossi during the 5th lap. The third place obtained by Hayden makes him World Champion. Pedrosa completes the championship in 5th place, with 2 race victories and 5 podium positions. During Eicma 2006, the American racer receives a standing ovation at the Mivv stand, where the occasion is marked with a podium and an interview session open to the public.
During the first year of collaboration, Mivv supports the needs of the team as much as possible. The winning of the World Championship is the payback for the efforts during the racing season. The GP exhaust is developed for the road after-market, feeding from the experience acquired in the racing world.robert jonson



Mivv in Moto2

Also in Moto2 Mivv shows technical commitment from the very beginning. The new class had its début in 2010, replacing the 250 class, which had become obsolete after the cancellation of the cylinder capacity limit and the enforcement of rules aimed at ensuring lower financial commitment by the teams (all the bikes with an engine supplied by Honda derive from the CBR 600 RR).
During the different seasons, Mivv undersigned partnerships with WTR Team, Sag Team, Speed Up Team, Italtrans Team, Stop and Go Racing Team.


The commitment of Mivv in Moto2 continues to grow. 2012 sees the undersigning of the technical partnership agreement with the Stop and Go Racing Team, guided by Eduardo Perales. The circuits of the motor racing world championship are the best benchmark for an exhaust manufacturer. All the experience acquired on them can in fact be channelled into the road after-market sector.
On the track “with Mivv” are the FTR M212, ridden by the Swiss Marco Colandrea and by Angel Rodriguez, with the Bimota HB4. FTR keeps its top 5 position among the manufacturers.




Difficult season for this team, in spite of the use of the great FTR M211. The two racers, the young Colombian Santiago Hernandes, and the veteran Ratthapark Wilairot from Thailand do not achieve much. Wilairot obtains some points, but is affected by the consequences of a serious road accident which forces him to extended hospitalisation. Nevertheless, the FTR manufacturer achieves 3rd position in the season standings.




The commitment of Mivv during the course of the first Moto2 season is on many fronts. The technical partnerships are in fact extended with the collaboration with this team, represented by two extremely talented racers: the Italian Andrea Iannone, and the Hungarian Gábor Talmácsi. The team obtains exciting results with the S10 motorbike, based on a FTR M210 frame. The outstanding Andrea Iannone (3 victories, 2 second places, 3 third places and 5 pole positions) achieves 3rd place in the general standings, followed by his team mate Gábor Talmácsi, who takes home 6th place. Also thanks to Mivv, Speed Up achieves third place on the Manufacturer podium.




The team arrives in front of the public of the motor racing world championship with the Italian racer Roby Rolfo and the Venezuelan Robertino Pietri. The first one has a wealth of experience on the track, which makes him stand out in the crowded Moto2, ending the season with an overall 14th place and one 1st and one 3rd place during the races. The motorbikes used are the MMX of the Swiss Suter (best 2010 championship manufacturer).




The team is represented by Ratthapark Wilairot from Thailand and Ricky Cardus from Spain. Mivv produces the exhaust system for the Bimota HB4 of the team. Many racers are present at the start of the championship: Wilairot finishes with a 22nd place in the standings, with some good results during the course of the season. In the racer standings, the manufacturer Bimota achieves 10th place.




The Mivv exhaust has a prominent position on the AT02-2.0, built by ADV Advance Technology for the San Marino WTR Team. The racer of the first championship of the new category is the French Valentin Debise.



Mivv in Moto3

the new category of the world championship replaced the old 125 class starting from 2012. New regulation, new features for motorbikes and specific obligations to reduce the costs of the category. Mivv is also involved in this category and in 2019 launches a new racing exhaust that, in terms of aesthetics and technology, is very close to those created for the teams involved in the World Championship: the MK3 model!


For the third consecutive year MIVV supports the Honda Team Asia class Moto3, the racing team directly managed by Honda and directed by the former World Champion Hiroshi Aoyama.

Same line up as in 2022 with the Indonesian n. 64 Mario Suryo Aji and the Japanese n.72 Taiyo Furusato in the sign of continuity.

A good injection of confidence for both riders that, at their second year in the World Championship and with a season full of events (with the addition of new circuits on the calendar) can demonstrate to have grown up and have gained enough experience to start collecting points in the standings.




After two very difficult years for all sport events due to the Covid19 pandemic, 2022 finally marked the slow return to normality.

The public came back on grandstands in the circuits all over the world and the paddock came back to life thanks to the relaxation of restrictions.

21 races on the calendar, 20 actually raced, gave birth to intense and fought championships in all the three classes of the MotoGP World Championship.

This year Mivv, in the perspective of continuity, was once again at the side of the Honda Team Asia, managed by Honda and directed by the former rider Hiroshi Aoyama, 2009 World Champion of the 250 class.

Mivv supports the Honda program, dedicated to the growth of the Asian riders, since last year and in 2022 raced with the rookies Mario Suryo Aji, Indonesian rider and Taiyo Furusato, Asian champion coming from Japan.




The pandemic continues, but the world of sport is stronger and MotoGP World Championship goes on; particularly thanks to the capabilities and willingness of Dorna, the official organizer of the World Championship.

After the sensational second position in the world standings gained last year by the Honda rider Tony Arbolino, this year Mivv will present itself alongside Honda’s team Asia, managed and directed by Honda’s 2009 World Champion, Hiroshi Aoyama.

This is a growth program dedicated to Asian riders, that last year showed its fruits with the Japanese rider Ai Ogura, third in the championship, and with the same scores of Arbolino.

This year, the 18 years old Yuk Kunni from Japan and Andi Farid, 23, from Indonesia, will wear the colors of Honda’s Moto3 team. Mivv will stand besides the team, to collaborate actively on the performance of their engines.




A year lived dangerously!
In a championship torn by Covid-19, the Snipers Team and MIVV technology have touched the conquest of the World Title with Tony Arbolino! After 15 races, only 4 points separated the rider from Garbagnate Milanese from the winner of the Moto3 class World Championship, and this certified the great technical job done together to give the maximum competitiveness to the team bikes. With 5 podiums, the bike of the Italian rider, equipped with MIVV exhaust, has been the first Honda in the most competitive championship of the world!




Mivv signs the agreement to become technical partner of SNIPERS TEAM and all its experience in the racing segment comes into play for the two Hondas of Romano Fenati, returning to the races after a disqualification for the well-known 2018 Misano event, and Tony Arbolino, Garbagnate’s rookie that despite his young age has already shown his talent and great determination to aim to important results.